Branding is best described as the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design which identifies and differentiates a product from others in competitive markets.

Yes, but what does, “branding” really mean? Simply put, a brand is a means of communicating what to expect from a product or service and is closely tied with the reputation of a business. A brand gains strength from the consistency of that business—whatever the brand stands for, it should deliver on that promise. Business owners and entrepreneurs need to set their business apart from the competition by clearly communicating to their target audience via a website, packaging and promotional materials, how their services are unique. This process begins with one essential element: the logo.

A logo is the foundation of a brand and is integrated into all elements concerning a business. Because the details of a logo—everything from typography selection to visual elements—will present the “ins and outs” of a business to a target audience, in order to successfully convey this information, a graphic designer must have knowledge of the history, common practices, traditions, and advancements in technology within that company’s industry, as well as an understanding of the company’s marketing strategy. This makes research a critical step in the logo design process.

Brand strategy is how, what, where, when and to whom you propose to communicate and deliver brand messages. Through advertising, the selection of distribution channels, and verbal and visual communication, dialogue with a target market can be more effective. As the idiom goes, the devil really is in the details—consistency of the brand strategy is critical but, it must also be relevant and versatile. In the fast-paced world we live in today, a business that clings to conventional methods of brand strategy is in danger of becoming out-dated; therefore, flexibility and openness to change are also important attributes for a business to possess. Successful brands re-invent themselves from time to time, and history shows that the refinement of a brand is usually a positive thing. Some of the most famous brands in history, like Nike, Inc., the clothing, footwear, sportswear, and equipment supplier, don’t even need their company name included in their logo anymore, a simple “swoosh” is all it takes!

Federal Express provides us with another great example of a successful brand refinement.  In 1994, the company made a move to leverage the fact that its customers were using the terms “FedExing” or “FedEx” to describe sending an overnight shipment or package, and after twenty-three years in business, the corporation officially adopted “FedEx” as its primary brand name. By shortening the brand name, FedEx was able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in paint expenses for their fleet of airplanes and trucks worldwide. With this brand refinement also came an extremely creative new logo—one that clearly conveys the corporation’s communicative attributes of speed and precision: embedded within the “Ex” ligature is a subliminal arrow. In many circles within the design community, this logo, which was created by Landor Associates’ Senior Design Director, Lindon Leader, in 1994, is considered to be among the best logos designed in the past fifty years.

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